Mobile Services

We service a wide range of Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C.  To accommodate this large area we do require a  service call fee ($48).  There is only one service call fee per visit despite how many pets we are seeing.  For neighbors that would like to coordinate their visits, they can share the call fee. Ask us about hosting a vaccination clinic!  

Our Services

  • Puppy/kitten packages

  • New pet owner counseling

  • Vaccines

  • Microchipping

  • Nutritional consultations

  • Full laboratory services (including lyme and heartworm screening)

  • Full pharmacy

  • Travel certificates (domestic and international)

  • Senior pet wellness and chronic illness management

  • Euthanasia and cremation

We do require a physical exam before any vaccination.  It is important that we know your pet is healthy before we challenge the immune system to make antibodies. 


We do require payment at the time of services and accept cards (Visa, MC, American Express, Discover) cash and occasionally checks.


Hospitalization Services

We currently work with Towne Animal Clinic in Leesburg, VA or Union Veterinary Clinic in Washington, D.C. for x-rays, routine surgeries and dental procedures.
We can also refer you to a practice in your area.

Referral Services

We believe that certain conditions are best treated by veterinary specialists. If we feel that your pet companion requires specialized care, we will refer you to a specialist in your area.