Vet Wagon does not take emergency calls. If you are having a veterinary emergency, please take your pet to the closest Veterinary Emergency Hospital

For your convenience here is a list of nearby Emergency Hospitals:

Pet Poison Helplines

The Wildlife Hotline

Animal Control

Reasons to call Animal Control:

  • Dog Bite
  • Animal Cruelty or Neglect
  • Sick or Injured Wildlife
  • Human Exposure/Encounters with potentially rabid wildlife

How to contact your local Animal Control Officer:

  • Loudoun County Department of Animal Services (703) 777-0406
  • Fairfax County Police non-emergency (703) 691-2131
  • Washington DC Animal Care and Control (202) 576-6664
  • Clarke County Animal Control  (540) 955-5104

How to Obtain a Dog License